Environmental basics

There are no longer any doubt that the environmental problems of today are versitile, serious and global. This means that the actions of any individual can have consequenses all around the world - especially actions in industrialized countries. In addition to that, these countries seldom feel the impact of their ecological footprint.

Our impact on nature can be divided into three categories: 
Biodiversity/natural resources, pollution and climate impact 
Wether it's food, clothes, cars,  beautyproducts, gadgets, heating or electricity, you have an impact in most of these three categories - when you produce, use and throw away these things. (Read more about "Life Cycle Analysis")

Fuels and power resources: 
Bad: Coal, oil, natural gas 
Good: Sun, wind, water, geothermic, biomass 

All the nations of the world have a responsibility for actions that effects the environment (and thereby your health). Governments, companies and individuals all have a part in this responsibility. As an individual you should follow these rules: 

  1. Lower your total consumption
  2. Make your consumption green and ethical
  3. Influence others


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Updated 23 Nov 2013