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Here you get news about the collective, but FOOT also offers a link to general swedish environmental news. For international news: See Links-section


The News section is no longer updated as often, so all new posts will end up here (there is no 2014 or 2015 page).

Nov 26 (2014) The Action page is updated: Take a look at what petitions to sign or other actions to take. >>>

Nov 27 (2013) This month is much about climate: The COP meeting i Warzawa; Climate report, and of course the ongoing story about The Arctic 30. A massive voice of people globally is putting pressure on Russia.  

Nov 1 Fossil Free campaign being launched in Europe through an inspiring gala in London. Fossil Free Sweden >>>

Oct 2 Miljövänliga veckan is an annual event where SSNC put focus on a hot topic. This time they do it globally for the first time.  This year's focus is on organic food.
And in a related note, people all over the world is preparing for March against Monsanto on Oct 12.

June 9 An important thing you can do for the planet is to support the campaign Eradicating Ecocide aimed at Ecocide to become the fifth international crime against peace.
You can help in several ways. The simplest is perhaps to sign their petition .

May 20 On June 5 is World Environment Day. Make a difference for our planet.

March 23 One hour today ( Earth Hour) , and a full day ( Earth Day ) April 22.

January 7  Wishing a green good 2013 with fun and exciting activities.


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