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Here you get news about the collective, but FOOT also offers a link to general swedish environmental news. For international news: See Links-section


24 Nov The European Week for Waste Reduction is coming to an end. In a related issue, today is Buy Nothing Day (yesterday in US). When You do shop, use these tips for greener shopping: ; USUK; general info

22 Sep Today is the annual World Carfree Day, and the network is growing.

9 Jun An interesting topic to be raised at Rio+20 Earth Summit, is to make Ecocide the fifth international crime against peace. Read more about the campaign Eradicating Ecocide and support this important cause by spreading the word and signing their petition.

May Follow Earth Day Network to see what´s going on (i.e. Earth Day adn World Env. Day). Specially interesting now before Earth Summit next month.

8 Jan Thank You all for support and interest in 2011. Now we look forward to an exciting new year.


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