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Here you get news about the collective, but FOOT also offers a link to general swedish environmental news. For international news: See Links-section


31 Dec We wish you all a sustainable new year!

15 Nov 27 Nov it's once again time for Buy Nothing Day. (But many people in developed countries would need to buy less every day.)  

30 Oct Success in Nagoya, Japan with pact on biodiversity. >>>  

29 Oct Sustainable fashion gets plenty of space at London fashion week. >>>

9 Oct Tomorrow it is the International Day of Climate Action. Find an event near you.

7 July Today is the 3 year anniversary of FOOT! Hurray, hurray, hurray! More celebrating will take place in the weekend when we are taking part in Baobab Festival Malmö - also through some FOOTartists participating.
Other sustainable events taking place soon are Stockholm Green Festival 15-16 July and International Sustainability Conference at Mundekulla 17-18 July.

6 July World Ecological Forum just had their first summit in Visby, Sweden.

6 June The Festival season is here, and FOOT works with Mossagårdsfestivalen and the new Baobab Festival Malmö.

17 May FOOT supports Protect the Forest network. Read more about their petition and sign >>>

5 May This saturday is World Fair Trade Day. This happens in Malmö >>>  

4 May European Solar Days 1-16 May is a great initiativ. Campaigns will take place over 16 european countries.

22 April Today is global Earth Day. Let it remind us to show this planet respect - not just today but always.

26 March Tomorrow it's time for another Earth hour . Join in!

March Meeting with board of Baobab and dialog with Mossagårdsfestivalen.

30 Jan FOOT was present at the environmentalcultural Haiti fundraiserevent of FOOTartist Rickard Söderberg.

Jan-Feb Enquiries of collaboration from Mossagårdsfestivalen, Baobab Festival och Green Cross Youth Miljögala.


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