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Here you get news about the collective, but FOOT also offers a link to general swedish environmental news. For international news: See Links-section


15 Dec With the last entry of the Year there are three things to be said:
1. Thank You to all who have been supportive in any way during 2009.
2. Buy sustainable gifts for Christmas (rainforest, carbon offsets, 2nd hand, env.marked)
3. Have a Happy New Green Year!

12 Dec FOOT took an unofficial part of the big COP15 Climate Parade.

3 Oct The Climate Summit of UN, COP15, is near. Use some of the Links to learn more about the background and the current situation.

13 Aug FOOT visited Mundekulla musicfestival to hand over The Golden FOOT.

22 Apr Show some extra respect today to Mother Earth on Earth Day. This day has been celebrated internationally since 1990.  

20 Apr The Age of Stupid is the climatemovie of the year. The Premiere was very green.

28 Mar The third (and so far biggest) Earth Hour took place at 8.30PM. About a billion people and 4000 cities in 88 countries participated. Read more, see pictures and clips >>>

1 Feb Sydsvenskan newspaper covers the story about The golden FOOT.

31 Jan Today FOOT appointed Mundekulla musicfestival Swedens best environmentally adapted festival for 2008, and they were awarded The golden FOOT (in swedish: "GuldFOTen"). Congratulations!

8 Jan FOOT is excited about 2009, and we already have two special activities planned. This month we will appoint the most env-friendly Swedish festival for 2008. And in August we will collaborate with Malmö Youth Games. Wish You all A Happy Green Year!   


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