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Here you get news about the collective, but FOOT also offers a link to general swedish environmental news. For international news: See Links-section


24 dec FOOT wishes you all a peaceful holiday and a happy new year! See you in 2009.

6 dec Today people gather globally to show their support for better climate politics, in so called Climate Walks. In Malmö FOOT took part in this.

14 aug We now have the magic number seven Friends of FOOT. The seventh member is Project Save The Earth.

8 aug  FOOT is not only looking at artists but also events. Mossagårdsfestivalen did a good job last week to become a contender to "Best environmentally adapted event in Sweden", but this will not be decided til the end of the year. Another contender is Mundekulla musicfestival 14-17 of august.

27 jul The latest add to Friends of FOOT is not only powerful but also international. Our first step across the borders of Sweden is taken with the help of Live Earth and the S.O.S.-campaign. Also international artists are welcome to join in now.

7 jul Today is FOOT:s first birthday and we celebrate this by not spending time, money and energy on a bombastic party with big environmental impact ;)
Instead we focus on improving our activities: Recruiting and interacting with our members; increasing our network and collaborating with our friends and improving the information on our homepage. 

21 maj FOOT participates in Mossagårdsfestivalen 1-3 augusti.  

13 mar Dialog with the head of environment on Hultsfredfestivalen.

26 feb Food is an important part of our lifes, and it has a significant impact on the environment. On FOOT:s Food-page you'll get useful tips and links. (Coming soon in english)  >>

4 feb Malmö City has a prominent environmental work in a national and an international perspective, and FOOT is proud to add them to Friends of FOOT.

31 jan Collaboration with Skankaloss-festivalen in Gagnef 24-27 juli.

22 jan Dialog with the management of Malmöfestivalen.

19 jan FOOT is mentioned in an article in "Stockholms fria tidning".

11 jan The new year started off well with a meeting between FOOT, Studiefrämjandet and the Department of Culture.


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