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30 dec FOOT wishes a happy new Year to its members, the Friends of FOOT and homepagevisitors. 
We had an interesting 2007 and it feels like 2008 could be even better. Join in, why don't you.

13 dec Article about FOOT in Dygnet runt (part of big swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan). 

10 dec This years Environmental award of Malmö city goes to a member of FOOT - Emil Jensen. >>>

8 dec Suggestions for alternative presents >>> (only in Swedish)

28 nov FOOT reaches climateneutral status >>> See also About  

4 nov Meeting with environmental organisation One Earth.

22 okt Article about FOOT in Malmös own environmental newspaper "Grön stad" >>>.

24 sep Article in "Punkt SE" about FOOT.

27 aug The founder of FOOT is interviewed by "Sveriges radio" (the official swedish radio station), and it airs tomorrow on the program "P3 Populär". 

1 aug Respect Europe is the latest addition to Friends of FOOT, and there is an ongoing conversation about the potential collaboration between us. 
We already have a small collaboration with Naturskyddsföreningen (SSNC).

20 jul Möllevångsfestivalen starts today and FOOT will be represented by both management and artists.

17 jul FOOT wishes to thank management and artists of "Vi i världen"-festivalen in Västerås for their hospitality. One of these artists were Regina Lund (who is posing with the founder of FOOT in the picture). Thank you Pamela, for contributing with nice pictures from the festival.

15 jul FOOT in "Dagens nyheter" (big newspaper)                  Photo: Pamela Juhl

12 jul Article in "City Malmö/Lund".

11 jul Big article about FOOT in Sydsvenskan.

8 jul Yesterday FOOT had its official birthday, and it was very suitably framed with Live Earth


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