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FOOT:s official birthday is july 7, 2007 - the same day that the global Live Earth-gala took place.
FOOT consists of various entertainers, that from the beginning were local, but are now expanding troughout Sweden and beyond.
"FOOT" stands for "Friends Of Old Trees"  (since ancient forests are more important than new). "FOOT" also relates to ecological footprints and that FOOT wants people to take a step in the right direction. 
The purpose of FOOT is to make the artists environmental role models, and thereby inspiering their fans the lower their own impact. FOOT provides tools for a changed behaviour through information on the webpage and through the collaboration with Respect Europe.

We also work for eco-sustainability in general in the entertainment business, and once a year FOOT awards the best adapted musicfestival in Sweden with The golden FOOT.

FOOT is free from religious, economic and political influenses.

FOOT is managed with the goal to be a role model: The travels, the office and the marketing are all considerate towards the environment, and climate-adapted. Actions have been taken to lower the impact, and compensation has been made for the remaining outlets. That's why FOOT has earned the logo on the left. This work has been supervised by Respect Climate, that is a part of Respect Europe (see link below).

Friends of FOOT 

To be a friend means that you support FOOT morally. You are not a member and not a sponsor (FOOT doesn't have sponsors). 

                                The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Project Save The Earth                  Respect Europe                                         City of Malmö


Homepage and contact 

This homepage was created in a simple way to keep the costs and efforts reasonable.
Thank you Jessica Persson for designing the official FOOT-logo (on the right).

The founder of FOOT - Jimmy Lindsjö - is also responsible for the homepage. Contact






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Updated 2 Aug 2011